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Leaves of Absence Without Pay

Leaves of absence without pay are granted by the applicable department chairperson and the dean.  Section XVII of the Agreement between Rutgers University and the AAUP-AFT details the types of leaves, eligibility for the leave, and the duration of the approved leave.  

Specifically, leaves of absence without pay are for the purpose of professional development, personal convenience, or completion of a terminal degree. Such leaves may be for a period up to two consecutive years.  The granting of a leave of absence without pay to members of the faculty is subject to the needs of the academic program and requires the approval of the department chairperson and the dean. Such approval may not be unreasonably withheld, and a written statement of the reasons for withholding approval shall be given to the faculty member upon request within ten working days of that request.

A request for a leave of absence without pay shall normally be made one year in advance

and will specify the requested dates of commencement and termination of the leave. The

date for the commencement and termination of such leave shall be at the discretion of the

University, but normally such leave shall commence on July 1 or on January 1 and shall

terminate on December 31 or June 30.


A faculty member who has been on a leave shall receive on return any salary improvements he/she would have received had he/she been serving at Rutgers during the leave period.  Normal University policy regarding benefits during a period of leave without pay shall apply.  The University shall provide to faculty members who are beginning a leave of absence without pay the forms and instructions necessary to re-enrolling in those benefit plans for which they are eligible upon their return to paid employment.


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