Academic Appointments Manual


Schools, Colleges and Units:

In this manual the term “school” is used to represent all of Rutgers University’s

schools and units; e.g., college, faculty, graduate or professional school, or

independently organized institute, bureau, or center.


Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty:

Tenured and tenure-track faculty encompass the following titles: Professor II, Special Professorial Title, University Professor, Professor Law II, Law Librarian I, Extension Specialist, Professor I, Professor Law I, Librarian I, Law Librarian II, Associate Professor, Associate Professor Law, Librarian II, and Law Librarian III, Associate Extension Specialist, County Agent II, Assistant Professor, Assistant Professor Law, Librarian III, Law Librarian IV, Assistant Extension Specialist, County Agent III.  Faculty ranks/titles and their equivalencies are defined in 60.5.2 of the University Policy Library.  The conditions of academic tenure of faculty are set forth in section 60.5.13 of the University Policy Library. 

Faculty members who have one of the titles above and who have not yet been awarded tenure are considered “tenure-track.”  The tenure clock refers to the amount of time a faculty member may serve in a tenure-track appointment prior to being granted tenure, or if tenure is denied, includes the faculty member’s terminal year appointment.  There are rare occasions when appointments to the titles listed above are made without tenure, and are not tenure-track.

Clinical Track Faculty:

Clinical faculty members encompass the following titles: Clinical Professor, Clinical Professor Law I, Clinical Associate Professor, Clinical Associate Professor Law, Clinical Assistant Professor, Clinical Assistant Professor Law, Clinical Instructor, and Clinical Instructor Law. Clinical faculty are appointed at 50% time or greater and are non tenure-track appointments. 


Part-Time Lecturer:

A Part-Time Lecturer (also referred to as a “PTL”) is an employee hired to teach either: a full course (including a laboratory course) for one full semester or to teach a recitation section for a full semester, or at least two consecutive seven-week courses in a semester, or at least a 12-week course in a semester in the PALS Program, and who performs services associated only with that course and is not otherwise Rutgers employee, such as preparation of syllabus, grading examinations and papers, and meeting students during assigned office hours.


Fractional Lecturer:

A Fractional Lecturer is an employee hired for an appointment of less than 50% time to do more than just teach a course.  Some examples of the out-of-classroom responsibilities of Fractional Lecturers are organizing the department open house, developing new curriculum or new courses, and serving on various department committees.


Coadjutatants (Coads) are individuals who either teach during the academic year and are otherwise regularly appointed employees with a 50% or more type 1 appointment, or individuals who teach less than a full semester during an academic year.   

Professor Emeritus/a:


The title Professor Emeritus/a may be conferred on a full-time faculty member upon retirement after having served in a full-time professorial capacity at this university ten years or more, or as a full professor at this university for at least five years, plus a sufficient number of years in a professorial capacity in another accredited university or college to make a total of at least ten years.

University Professor:

The academic title University Professor is a rank of distinction which is limited to a small group of exceptional academicians whose interests may transcend particular departments or units and whose service and usefulness to the university community have been demonstrated to be varied and wide-ranging over a considerable period.  This title is conferred by specific action of the Board of Governors upon recommendation by the President.

Visiting Professor:  

A visiting appointment may be with or without compensation, at any

faculty rank, is for a specified period, not to exceed one year at a time, and may be made, in Newark and Camden, only by the Chancellor, upon recommendation of the department and Dean, and in New Brunswick, by the Dean, upon recommendation of the department. 

A visiting appointment with compensation is normally an appointment made to an

individual who has regular employment outside the university. A visiting appointment without compensation, sometimes referred to as an honorary appointment, is a courtesy appointment and does not create an employer/employee relationship. A full-time appointment as a visiting faculty member is a non-tenure-track appointment for one year. A visiting faculty appointment may be made at any appropriate rank and shall not exceed two successive appointments.  Any exceptions require the approval of the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs.

A visiting faculty appointment shall carry with it no expectation of appointment beyond the appointment term. A faculty member in a visiting position is not precluded from applying for or being offered other university positions, including tenure-track appointments; however, no preference is to be accorded him or her in the selection process for other positions.

Teaching Assistant (TA):

A Teaching Assistant is a graduate student paid a salary to render

service to the university, primarily in teaching, normally at the maximum rate of fifteen clock hours per week. 

Graduate Assistant (GA):

A Graduate Assistant is a graduate student paid a salary to render service to the university, primarily in research, either directly, or under a grant or contract with other agencies, normally at the maximum rate of fifteen clock hours per week.

Post-Doctoral Fellow:

A Post-Doctoral Fellow is an individual who receives a grant for post-doctoral study and training.  The term of appointment of a post-doctoral fellow is ordinarily one year. 

Post-Doctoral Associate:

A Post-Doctoral Associate is an individual who performs complex research activity under the supervision of a Principal Investigator.  The term of appointment of a post-doctoral associate is ordinarily one year.

AY Appointment:

Faculty members appointed for the academic year (AY) carry a normal teaching

program for both fall and spring terms and must be available for related duties,

committee assignments, and similar activities from September 1 until

Commencement, or an equivalent period within the academic year.


CY Appointment:


Faculty members appointed for the calendar year (CY) are expected to devote the entire year with the exception of one month’s vacation to their University duties. This work is done on campus except by special arrangement with the appropriate dean or director.



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