Academic Appointments Manual

Recruit and Appointment

Teaching Assistants and Graduate Assistants

Job Offer and Appointment

Teaching Assistant (“TA”) and Graduate Assistant (“GA”) positions are appointed by the individual academic unit.  Each year, the Office of Academic Affairs sends a memorandum to the units that include the guidelines for appointment and non-reappointment for TAs and GAs.  Within these guidelines are sample appointment letters detailing all of the terms and conditions of these appointments.  It important to consult these guidelines each year, as there might be changes to some of the procedures or required material.

All job offers need to be documented in an appointment letter.  The appointment or reappointment letter, at a minimum, needs to contain:  the appointment title, appointment ratio, effective dates and duration of the appointment, hiring unit, hiring unit contact, summary of the nature of required duties, salary, heath and other applicable benefits, costs of tuition or fees that are required as a condition of employment (if any), tuition and fee waiver or exemption information, response requirements (if any), a statement that the position is covered be the Agreement between Rutgers University and the AAUP-AFT, the current collective agreement website address, and the Rutgers AAUP-AFT website. 

TAs and GAs offered appointments must document their eligibility to work in the U.S. If documents presented by an individual with the I-9 form reveal F-1 or J-1 status, he or she must attend a workshop offered twice weekly by the Center for International Faculty and Student Services. During the workshop, the individual’s “International Payroll Form” will be completed, as required by the Division of Payroll Services.

Full-time TAs and GAs are entitled to full tuition remission and fee waiver.  Part-time TAs and GAs may be responsible for certain costs of tuition and fees as a condition of their employment.  Student Accounting and Financial Services can provide further information regarding tuition and fees for TAs and GAs.   Both full-time and part-time TAs and GAs are eligible for health and certain other benefits and must be enrolled in and continue in good standing in the school or graduate program.  Specific information regarding benefits for full-time TAs and GAs can be found on the University Human Resources student website.  

Notification of Criteria


Academic departments that have employed TAs and GAs in each of the three previous semesters are required to give notice in writing of the departmental criteria for such appointments and reappointments. The statement of criteria should be included with all letters of appointment, reappointment and notice of waiting list status.

Notification of Status


TAs and GAs who are being reappointed for the coming academic or calendar year, or the fall semester only, should be sent an appropriately modified version of the Form A letter and the consent Form B. The same letter and consent form must also be sent to all newly appointed TAs and GAs.

All other currently employed TAs and GAs must be sent Form C-1 (for TAs) or Form C-2 (for GAs) non-reappointment/waiting list letter. If an individual is not to be reappointed he or she must be provided with written explanation of the reasons for non-reappointment. The names of all TAs and GAs who receive notification of non-reappointment must be forwarded to the Office of Academic Labor Relations at the time such notification is given.

If the status is waiting list, notification shall indicate if reappointment is contingent upon the availability of funding, or meeting other previously established and announced criteria, or both. TAs and GAs with waiting list status shall also be notified of the number of TAs and GAs employed in the department in the current year and the number of appointments already offered in the department for the coming year.

Those students who are placed on waiting list shall be notified as soon as possible with respect to any changes in their status. If a student on a waiting list requests it in writing, he or she shall receive a second notification in writing on or before June 30 of the number of appointments already offered in the department for the coming year.

Should an assistantship become available for a student whose name is on the waiting list, he or she must be sent an appointment letter and the waiver (Forms A and B). Department chairs and program directors are encouraged to make full-time appointments to full-time graduate students, when appropriate.


Notification of Assignment


At the time they apply for a TA position, graduate students may indicate any preference they may have with respect to teaching assignments. At least four weeks prior to the beginning of the semester, Teaching Assistants who have primary responsibility for a section shall normally be notified of their teaching assignment. All other TAs and GAs shall be notified of their assignment at least 5 working days before the first day of classes. It is understood that unexpected circumstances may require modification of the assignment. If an assignment is changed substantially subsequent to notification, the TA or GA must be notified of the change in writing.

Although it is understood that weekly workload will fluctuate during the term of appointment, a TA or GA with a full-time appointment shall be required to work no more than an average of fifteen clock hours per week during the term of appointment on specifically assigned duties related to his/her appointment, excluding work associated with academic progress toward the degree. A TA or GA with less than a full-time appointment shall work a prorated portion of a full-time appointment on specifically assigned duties related to his/her appointment, excluding work associated with academic progress toward the degree. If at any time over the course of an appointment, a TA or GA reasonably believes that his or her specifically assigned duties routinely require hours that will cumulatively exceed the hours of effort required by the appointment percentage over its full term, he/she may raise the matter with the department chair, unit head, or appropriate graduate director.  For more information regarding the workload of a TA or GA please refer to Article XII of the Agreement between Rutgers University and the AAUP-AFT.




The University is required to supply certain information about TAs and GAs to the

AAUP-AFT, their bargaining agent, but to do so without the students’ consent would violate the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (Buckley Amendment). The University believes signing a waiver of the provisions of the FERPA is a term and condition of employment for TAs and GAs and, therefore, every TA and GA is encouraged to sign it. When the signed waiver form is returned, please keep one copy in the TAs or GAs official personnel file, and attach the original to the PAF or PDR.

If a student objects to signing this limited waiver, please notify The Office of Academic Labor Relations immediately so that special arrangements can be made for processing his/her papers. If students want an explanation of their rights under the Act, they may be referred to Donald C. Heilman, the FERPA Compliance Officer (732) 932-9414.



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